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PTC hydfittings

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On October 25, 2023, the company participated in the Shanghai International Trade Exhibition PTC for 5 days, exhibiting the self-produced sleeves, hydraulic hose fitting , flanges, and changeover joints of the company's factories. This is the first trade show after the release of the epidemic, which provides an important exchange and learning place and opportunity for product traders from all over the world to alleviate the epidemic vacancy after the epidemic. The exhibitors and customers in the venue were full of passion and expectation. In the past few days, Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd. to keep every checkpoint, grasp every quality for the principle, On the basis of efficient technology and product cost performance, we have reached a consensus with several foreign traders and carried out friendly cooperation, opening a new chapter in the world transmission trade. 5154fc069ef43476cb7db16458e9ca0