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Characteristics of all kinds of pipe fittings

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Welded pipefittings

 Use nozzles to weld pipes. O-ring end seal is used between the fittings body and the nozzle. Simple structure, easy to manufacture, good sealing, the accuracy of the pipe size is not high. High quality welding requirements, inconvenient assembly and disassembly. Working pressure up to 31.5mpa, working temperature -25~80℃, suitable for oil as the medium of pipeline system


Card sleeve fittings 

Using the clamping sleeve deformation stuck pipe and seal, advanced structure, good performance, light weight, small volume, easy to use, widely used in hydraulic system. The working pressure can be up to 31.5mpa, requiring high precision of pipe size, cold-drawn steel pipe is required. The accuracy of the sleeve is also high. Suitable for oil, gas and general corrosive medium pipeline system

Flaring type fittings

Use the pipe end flaring for sealing, no other seals. Simple structure, suitable for connecting thin-wall pipe fittings

Suitable for oil and gas medium with low pressure pipeline system.



Plug weld type fittings

Insert the pipe with the required length into the pipefittings until the end of the pipe contacts the inner end of the pipefittings, and weld the pipe and the pipe joint into a whole, thus eliminating the need to take over, but the pipe size is strictly applicable to the pipeline system with oil and gas as the medium

Cone-sealed welded pipefittings

One end of the pipe is the outer cone surface with o-ring sealing ring matching the inner cone surface of thefittings body, screwed. Working pressure up to 16~ 31.5mpa, working temperature -25~80℃.Suitable for pipeline system with oil as medium



Withhold type hydraulic fittings

Easy to install, but added a tightening process. After the rubber hose is damaged, thefittingscoat can not be reused, and the steel wire braided rubber hose form a complete set. Can be used with o-ring seal welded pipefittings. Suitable for pipeline system with oil, water and gas as medium. Medium temperature: oil :-30~80℃; Air, to 30 ~ 50 ℃; Water, below 80℃

Three disc type hydraulic fittings

It is not necessary to strip the outer rubber layer of the hose during assembly. The hose with slightly different outer diameter is compensated by the amount of pre-compression of the hose by thefittings jacket. The pre-compression of the hose in the range of 31%~50% can ensure no leakage under working pressure, no glue pulling, no fracture of the outer rubber layer. It is suitable for pipeline system with oil, water and gas as medium. Its working pressure and medium temperature are limited by the connected hose



Quick change connector (both ends open and closed)

After the pipe is disassembled, it can seal itself and the liquid in the pipe will not be lost, so it is suitable for frequent disassembly occasions. The structure is complex and the local resistance loss is large. Suitable for pipeline system with oil and gas as medium, working pressure below 31.5mpa, medium temperature -20~80℃

Quick change connector (open at both ends)

Suitable for pipeline system with oil and gas as medium, its working pressure medium temperature is limited by the connected hose