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Analysis of leakage cause of high-pressure hose fittings

Time : 2022-04-07 Hits : 13

The reasons for leakage of high-pressure rubber pipe fittings are as follows: "ring" aging or deformation resulting in leakage; "Ring" device is insufficient to lead to uneven pressure or "ring" is cut when connecting two planes to form leakage; Incomplete "ring" leads to elastic loss leading to leakage. The molding; The seal groove is too deep and formed. Leaks. In order to reduce the depth of the groove, it is necessary to select a "" ring with the same outer diameter and thick section from the scratch, or cut or grind the sealing surface with a groove, so that the" "ring has sufficient elastic deformation (shrinkage should generally be between N 0.35-0.65mm). For leakage of pipe fittings using oil-resistant rubber sheets, felt, mild steel board, combined gaskets or sealants, regardless of raw materials, check the seals for damage, deformation, aging and roughness, and then take appropriate measures.

High pressure hose joint device problem

(1) During moving or stopping, the hose should not be excessively bent, nor should it be bent at the root, starting at least 1.5 times the diameter;

(2) When the rubber hose moves to the pole, it should not be too tight and should be relatively loose.

(3) try to prevent the change and deformation of rubber hose;

(4) The rubber hose should be far away from the heat radiation parts as far as possible, and the heat insulation board should be used when necessary.

(5) External damage of rubber hose should be prevented, such as long-term conflict with the appearance of parts in operation.

(6) When the dead weight of the hose causes overheating deformation, a support should be set.