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BSP thread standard and marking method

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BSP thread standard and marking method

BSP thread is the abbreviation of British Standard Pipe-Thread, which is the English expression of the inch Pipe-Thread discussed in this paper, and is consistent with the name of the inch thread in the Chinese manual. According to the relevant information, BSP thread has two different specifications classification, respectively for BSPP and BSPT. The two threads are incompatible and not interchangeable. The difference between BSPP and BSPT is that the former seal requires a seal ring while the latter does not require or only uses appropriate sealants to ensure a more reliable seal.

BSPP stands for BSP Parallel thread. That is, non-sealed pipe threads. BSPT stands for BSPT-Tapered Thread. 

BSP pipe thread marking method

The marking method of Chinese pipe thread is the same as that of international standard. ISO 228-1 specifies that the unsealed pipe thread feature code is G and the internal and external threads are the same. According to ISO/T7-1, the taper seal inner pipe thread feature code is, and the matching taper seal appearance thread feature code is. A feature code is followed by a size code, e.g. GI, R1/R1.