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Definition of BSP thread

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Definition of BSP thread

Thread is a basic structural form of mechanical parts used for fastening, connecting, driving and transferring displacement. There are many kinds of threads, and the thread marking methods and codes of different countries are not completely consistent.


Standard for 1 inch hose threads

The British pipe thread(BSP) is derived from the British common thread (also known as the British Wyeth thread). The combination of the British common thread pipe series and thread tooth shape (tooth shape) sets up the basic dimensions of the British pipe thread.

At present, the inch thread standard has been adopted by ISO standard, the latest ISO pipe thread standard is divided into unsealed pipe thread ISO228-1:2000 and sealed pipe thread ISO7-1:2000 two different standards. Among them, ISO7 was first formulated in 1955, ISO228 was first formulated in 1978. In addition to the United States, most industrial countries in the world have reference or equivalent to adopt these two standards to develop their own pipe thread standards

Fitting method for 2 inch pipe threads

There are two mating methods for inch sealing pipe threads, "column/cone" and "cone/cone". The two types of inch sealing pipe threads use different ring gauges (cylindrical ring gauges and tapered ring gauges) and plug gauges (the datum plane is in a different position, and the two datum planes are half tooth apart). European countries mainly use "column/cone" mating thread; while non-European countries mainly use "cone/cone" mating thread. Before 1994, the ISO standard for British sealing pipe thread and its gauge standard were designed according to the "cone/cone" mating system. After 2000, the ISO standard of British sealing pipe thread and its gauge standard are designed according to the "column/cone" mating system.


The British sealing pipe thread is the general purpose sealing pipe thread, in use to add sealing material in the thread. It is characterized by relatively low cost and moderate machining accuracy. No sealing feed can ensure that the thread of the sealing connection is dry sealing pipe thread. There is no dry seal pipe thread in the Inch pipe thread system. Sealing pipe thread has mechanical connection and sealing two major functions: and non-sealing pipe thread only mechanical connection one function. Due to the use of sealing pipe thread, machining accuracy, assembly and testing technology, the current pipe thread standard can not ensure that all the thread parts that meet the standard can be sealed.