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How to deal with oil leakage of hydraulic machinery

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First of all, unload the working table under the piston rod, screw out the pipefittings of the oil pipe (when working, it is the oil pipe in the return), and release the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder. The pipefittings on the top of the oil selection pool is unscrewed to allow oil to flow back to the oil pool.


Unscrew the cylinder head under the piston rod and use a pin puller to pull the guide sleeve, which has two M8 threaded holes, out of the hydraulic cylinder.

The outer edge of the guide sleeve is made of two O-rings with an inner diameter of 160 and a section diameter of 5.7. The inner hole is 110 small Y rubber seal ring.


The piston rod is leaking oil on the return trip, which is to replace the 110 small Y rubber seal ring.


When installing the small Y rubber sealing ring, it should be noted that the sealing ring lip should be with pressure oil, and the sealing ring lip should be upward here. Small Y rubber sealing ring, when the oil pressure rises, the lip opens, so that the lip and sealing surface are stuck closer, so as to improve the sealing ability. So, here should be careful not to pretend the opposite. This side of the guide sleeve with two M8 threaded holes is facing down.


Because the seal lip must be upward, it is more difficult to insert the guide sleeve into the piston rod. Here should be processed a bushing, the outer diameter of the bushing is 109.8mm, the inner diameter of the bushing is 90-100mm, the length of the sealing ring thickness 2-5 times, and it is best not to exceed the height of the guide sleeve, choose 30-50mm. Here also depends on the piston rod head chamfering situation, in the bushing at one end of the car chamfering.


Chamfer the bushing through this head into the guide sleeve (the end of the seal ring is not the lip, that is, the side of the guide sleeve with the threaded hole in it), so that the bushing presses against the lip of the seal ring. Then the guide sleeve together with the bushing into the piston rod, the piston rod into the guide sleeve, the bushing out, then the bushing completed its mission.