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Zhuji Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Diankou Town, Zhejiang Province. 

In recent years, Diankou town of Zhuji City, Shaoxing City, which has been listed in the top 100 of "National Comprehensive Strength Qianqiang Town" for five consecutive years, 

has strengthened the guidance of party building, closely linked to the core of "Building a Nodal City in Metropolitan Area" and taken "Five Beauties" as the core of the city image improvement, 

To optimize the structure and improve the function of the main way, 

the comprehensive construction of Hangzhou-Shaoxing city "pioneer city," intelligent manufacturing "dynamic city," urban and rural integration, 

modern livable "quality city" " Continue to promote high-quality economic and social development and realize the 

transformation from town to city. In 2022, Diankou Town was successfully established as a "beautiful town." " City node type provincial model.

In the rectification of small and scattered enterprises at the same time, Diankou Town through the government's key support, to help high-quality enterprises to transform and upgrade, bigger and stronger. 

Build a provincial copper precision manufacturing industry innovation service complex, It is committed to gathering all kinds of innovation resources, 

introducing technology research and development forces such as prestigious universities, 

gathering resources online, intelligent matching, and close follow-up offline, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, fully promoting enterprises to take the road of innovation drive,

 and striving to achieve a smooth transition between old and new kinetic energy.

The organic renewal of the industry has attracted more "new shop owners" to become the owners of small cities. Shop mouth town official said that many entrepreneurs 

have become hardware machinery accessories upstream and

downstream industry operators.