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Matters needing attention about hydraulic hose

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Matters needing attention about hydraulic hose

(1). Pipe inner diameter: the inner diameter of the hose.



(2). Attention should be paid to the following items in the use and design ofhydraulic hose:

1, the bending radius of the hose should not be too small, generally should not be less than the value specified in the "hydraulic hose Assembly technical Characteristics". The connection between the hose assembly and the pipe joint shall have a straight section not less than twice the outer diameter of the pipe.

2. The length of the hose assembly should be taken into account that the length of the hose will shrink and deform after the pressure oil is passed in, and the general shrinkage is 3~4% of the pipe length. Therefore, when installing the hose assembly, it is not allowed to be in a tight state.

3, rubber hose assembly in the installation should ensure that there is no torsion deformation. The joint axis of the hose should be placed in the moving plane as far as possible to avoid the damage of the hose when the two ends move together.

4, the rubber hose should avoid contact and friction with the parts of the sharp Angle on the machinery, so as not to damage the pipe.



(3) safety measures: in order to ensure the safe and reliable use of rubber hose assembly, special attention should be paid to the following items.

1. Pressure: the working pressure specified by the hose should not be less than the maximum system pressure under normal circumstances. Only in the case of infrequent use, 20% increase is allowed; For frequent use, often bend and twist to reduce by 40%. If the impact pressure of the system is higher than the specified working pressure of the hose, the service life of the hydraulic hose is reduced and personal equipment accidents may occur.

2, temperature: fluid temperature and ambient temperature, whether stable or instantaneous, shall not exceed the temperature limit of the hose, the temperature is lower than or higher than the recommended temperature of the hose, can reduce the performance of the hose, causing damage to the hose, resulting in leakage.

3, fluid compatibility: the fluid in the hose should conform to the provisions of the "use" in the product sample. The use beyond the provisions cannot guarantee the service life and safety of the pipe.

4, appropriate end connection: because the nut connection is convenient, low cost and is widely used, but in the case of large vibration, to fully consider the nut loosening problem, take hair blue connection.