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Rotary fittings maintenance

Time : 2022-08-23 Hits : 9

Rotaryfittings is an important sealing device for the dynamic and static transmission of fluid in the equipment. Due to the long-term operation of the equipment, the rotary joint seal will appear wear, damage and leakage. Therefore, it is particularly important to carry out the necessary daily maintenance of the rotaryfittings. Mainly from the following aspects:


1. Should keep the rotaryfittings drum and pipe inside clean. Special attention should be paid to new equipment. Filters must be added to avoid abnormal wear of rotaryfittings caused by foreign bodies.

2. Because the machine is not used for a long time will lead to scale and rust inside the rotaryfittings, please pay attention to the occurrence of stuck or dripping if used again.

3. With oil injection device, please oil regularly, to ensure the reliability of rotary fittingsbearing operation.

4. The rotaryfittings of the fluid medium should gradually generate temperature to avoid rapid temperature change.


5. Check the wear condition and thickness change of the sealing surface of the seal (generally normal wear is 5-10mm); Observe the friction track of the sealing surface to see if there are any problems such as three-point discontinuity or scratch. If there is any above condition, it should be replaced immediately.

6. The rotaryfittings should be handled with care, strictly prohibited by impact, so as not to lose the joint component.

7. No foreign matter is allowed to enter the rotaryfittings. The fixing and stopping device shall not loosen or fall off.

8. Rotaryfittings do not idle for a long time.