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Rotary fittings maintenance and replacement

Time : 2022-08-30 Hits : 10

Rotaryfittings has a good application in many fields, not only in transportation, many construction machinery can also be widely seen. In many special conditions, rotaryfittingscan also be used for replacement. Replace damaged parts with intact spare parts. It can be used for major repair or quick repair on site. It should be noted that, before changing parts, the assembly parts of the disassembly process and cooperation should have a certain professional knowledge. When removing parts such as bearings, gears, belt wheels and hydraulic parts, use special tools. Do not use violent conversion to avoid damage to the parts. When decompressing torque converter, transmission and engine assembly parts, it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the disassembly process to avoid scratching of the journal and damage to the matching surface of the precision couple parts. Special tools are needed in the operation, maintenance or replacement of the quick adapter.


Sometimes the sealing gasket of rotaryfittings can be used as a substitute for fluorine-lined gasket in emergency situations.