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The use of quick connector in transportation vehicles and the use method

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Quick connection is a kind of hydraulicfittings which is frequently used in transport vehicles.

Quick connection can be used where tubing needs to be inserted and removed frequently. For example, the hydraulic cylinder of the sanitation garbage pit often needs to plug and pull the oil pipe of the garbage truck, and it needs to use the quickfittings.


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According to the actual hydraulic pressure of the machine to choose the seizure equipment, select the clamping and clamping position, before clamping, in order to avoid thefittingsdue to high pressure burst pipe.

1. Confirm whether the hose is twisted or broken before use;

2. Do not excessively bend the hose at the end of the quickfittings and do not hang items;

3. the minimum bending radius of plastic hose should not be less than 30 mm;

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4. hose can not be pressed for a long time;

5. do not put the hose near the fire, it is best to place in the sun, low humidity and good ventilation place preservation.