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Types of hydraulic pipe fittings

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Hydraulic pipefitting is the part connecting high-pressure oil pipe and high-pressure oil pipe in hydraulic system. Hydraulic pipefittings can be divided into hydraulic hose, high pressure ball valve, quickconnector, clip sleeve type pipefittings, welding type pipefittings, high pressure hose, transition type pipefittings, three-way pipefittings, non-standard pipefittings, flared type pipefittings, right Angle pipefittings, rotary pipefittings, quick joint, stainless steel pipefittings, copper joint


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The biggest and most significant difference is that the hydraulic pressure is surprisingly large hydraulic pipefittings, hydraulic tubing suddenly burst the impact of oil is very big.

Specialfittings can not be replaced with ordinary ones, because the hydraulic pressure can bear a lot of pressure, ordinary up to 0.5 air pressure is already fast.


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Quick changefittings, one is with a check valve, one is without a check valve. With the application of the one-way valve, the one-way valve end is connected with the air source, when disconnected, the one-way valve automatically closes, when connected, the movable end thimble opens the one-way valve. Self-locking is the use of steel ball embedded in the groove, and at the same time by the "cone-cylindrical" sleeve to lock the steel ball.